Send a GIF with Giphy in Slack

Sending GIFs in Slack is just plain fun.

Giphy is a built in Slack app for sending a GIFs in your messages.

How to send a GIF in Slack with Giphy

There are two ways to use it:

  • With a shortcut that lets you choose a conversation
  • With a slash command from an active conversation.

Sending with a Shortcut

  • Click the ⚡ icon near the message input at the bottom of the Slack window. This will bring up a search bar where you can search for and click Giphy.
    Slack Giphy shortcut

  • A modal will appear that lets you search a GIF you want to send. In the example, the user searched herd of cats.
    Slack Giphy search

  • After you run your search, you can click Shuffle to find a similar GIF or Share to send the current one.
    Slack Giphy result

Sending with a Slash command

  • Type /giphy and the term you want to search for, then press Enter. In this example, the user typed /giphy herd of cats.
    Slack Giphy slash

  • After you run your search, you can click Shuffle to find a similar GIF or Send to share the current one.

    Only you can see the GIF until you click Send.

That’s it, enjoy sending GIFs! 🎉

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Check out this post from Slack for more on using Giphy.

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